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NO.1 Advanced production equipment CNC batch production

Minfo advanced production equipment, is a small number of domestic equipment industry has all the following equipment factory: including laser cutting machine, CNC turret punching machine, CNC bending machine, a full line of spraying equipment.

NO.2 More than ten years of production experience

We began to produce station equipment in 2007 and registered the “Minfo” trademark in 2008. We have always insisted on the idea of being refined and strong. We only produce very competitive products.

NO.3 Load test

Minfo has passed the relevant load test for every major category of products, and the load test video for each major category of products is displayed in the “Product Center”. If no video effect is achieved, it can be returned unconditionally.

NO.4 The main product has a real photo of the customer on site

"Product Center" in the major categories of products have a customer site to use physical photos. Make it easier for customers to understand the actual effect of evaluation before buying. Let customers buy it with confidence.

NO.5 Positioning high-end Long-term warranty

The company's products are positioned in the high-end, many of our customers are well-known companies in various industries, there are more than 10 listed companies. Workbench tool cabinet sheet metal warranty 5 years. Rail life warranty, bad free replacement.

NO.6 Letters

Minfo regards integrity as its life. All videos and pictures are authentic and reliable, and there is no fraud. Welcome customers to visit and verify.

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