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MINFOMing Fu series of high-end product positioning, the main target customers for large and medium-sized enterprises factories, the number of customers across the country more than 800. Long-term stable export products in Japan, the United States.
With the domestic industries using some of our products, customer list (in no particular order)

Zhejiang University

National Key University 985 211 University

Heli Mould

Listed companies China's key backbone mold companies (casting molds)

Savida Machinery

China's key backbone mold enterprises (die die top three domestic)

Founder Auto Mould

China's key backbone mold companies (injection blow molds)


Faucet industry well-known enterprises

Sund Tool

China Sickle Industry Well-known Enterprises

Torch spark plug

Domestic famous spark plug manufacturer

Hengfei Cable

China's well-known special cable manufacturers

Zhongyi Hydraulic

Hydraulic motor industry well-known enterprises

Jiayite Hydraulic

Hydraulic valve well-known enterprises

Borre (China)

World-renowned butterfly valve and control system manufacturer

Kangyu Spring

Spring industry well-known enterprises

Sidson damping

Damper industry well-known enterprises

Double ring gear

Famous manufacturer of motorcycle gears in China

Delixi Electric

China's well-known low-voltage electrical industry

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