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Ordering Selection Guide

About DTA series table’s purchase instructions:

1.The DTA series workbenches are divided into 12 types according to the appearance configuration, DTA01 to DTA12. Delivery is based on the configuration of spare parts shipments, and additional configurations or drawers can be added as needed. In addition to the 800 wide worktables, up to 1200, 1500, 1800 long worktables can be configured with up to six drawers each, and there are three stacks on the left and right below the desktop, and three stacks on the right and below.

2.The desktop defaults to a 30MM thick green pattern desktop. The desktop substrate is a high-pressure fiberboard. The highest surface pressure is attached with a 2mm-thick polymer composite material. The PVC long sealant tape seals around the surface, and the tabletop is resistant to abrasion and impact. According to special needs can be customized desktop 1MM stainless steel edging or steel decking desktop. The maximum size of desktop customization can be 2400* wide and 1200MM long.

3.Desktop to floor height defaults to 770MM. We have 3 heights to choose from: The desktop is 770 high above the ground and is suitable for sitting. There are also 850 heights and 900 heights to choose from (if needed, please specify when ordering). Please determine the appropriate height before buying.

4.Workbench is statically spray-coated on all sheet metal surfaces except the desktop, default color: blue . Another light gray to choose from.

5.Workbenches can be lighted on ceiling panels if there is a ceiling. Lamp holder, socket switch, customer-supplied. Tabletop The first power hole on the desktop is equipped with six standard power switch socket mounting holes.

6.Workbench Above countertop can be equipped with a variety of hooks to hang various tools. Workbench prices do not include hooks.

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