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Ordering Selection Guide

1. Two drawers are standard in the drawer. Each drawer can hold up to 4 dividers (5 compartments). If you want to add dividers, please specify when ordering.
2. The door can be equipped with one shelf in a standard configuration. Up to three shelves can be installed. If you need more instructions, please specify when ordering.
3. Adjustable anti-slip cushioning feet are standard below the cabinet. If you need to move often, you can change to install the caster. The side of the cabinet body is equipped with handles to facilitate pushing the tool cabinet.
4. The backplane height is 390MM, which can be customized if you need to increase height. A variety of hooks can be hung on the back board, and the hooks must be purchased separately.
5. Cabinet color and cabinet size can be customized according to need (custom quantity needs more than 20).
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